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Sale Time!

If you don’t know how discounts work, it’s like this: you get cool stuff for less money than normal.

It’s pretty awesome.

First up, we have Harry St. John’s dark-as-hell noir mystery, Leave Her Hanging. Just $0.99 or £0.77 over at,, and

Pretty good, right? Well, let’s beat that. If you haven’t picked up any of my Miles Franco hardboiled urban fantasy books yet, now’s a great time. The first book in the series is totally free at You won’t pay zip.

These discounts won’t last long, so get in quick.

Stay classy, folks.

Leave Her Hanging     The Man Who Crossed Worlds

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The Man Who Walked in Darkness (Miles Franco #2) is now available! Plus a discount!

The Man Who Walked in DarknessAfter much delay, the second book in my hardboiled Miles Franco urban fantasy series is finally available as an ebook. I know some of you have been waiting for this, so I hope you enjoy it. The book, titled The Man Who Walked in Darkness, is currently up on Amazon Kindle and at Smashwords. I expect it to be up at B&N, Apple, and Kobo soon, with the paperback coming in a couple of weeks. You’ll find the links below.

If you’re unfamiliar with my Miles Franco books, they’re a series of slightly insane urban fantasy books filled to the brim with twisty-turny plots and larger-than-life characters. To celebrate the new release, I’m running a sale on the first Miles Franco novel, The Man Who Crossed Worlds. For the next week you can pick the ebook up for $0.99 (or equivalent) at Amazon or Smashwords, so now’s a great time to get into the series or share it with friends and family.

Here are the links to the books:

The Man Who Crossed Worlds (Miles Franco #1):

Amazon US:

Amazon UK:

Smashwords: (Use the coupon code RN38R at checkout)

The Man Who Walked in Darkness (Miles Franco #2):

Amazon US:

Amazon UK:


Thanks everyone. Stay awesome.

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The Man Who Walked in Darkness has a release date!

News time! After much delay (entirely my fault), the sequel to The Man Who Crossed Worlds is nearly here. The ebook edition will be available June 21st 2013, with the paperback soon after. Woot!

The sequel, titled The Man Who Walked in Darkness, follows freelance Tunneler Miles Franco as he deals with the aftermath of the events of The Man Who Crossed Worlds. Here’s the blurb:


Miles is back for another round of hardboiled pulp action in the two-fisted sequel to The Man Who Crossed Worlds.The Man Who Walked in Darkness

Freelance Tunneler Miles Franco is having a bad time of it. He’s facing a trial that could see him spend the rest of his days in prison. Hallucinations of dead men haunt him day and night. And to top it all off, one of his bandmates has been poisoned by a toxin from another world.

Miles doesn’t take kindly to people killing his friends. Now he’ll have to walk the darkest road he’s ever been down. With corrupt corporations on one side and fanatical interdimensional gangsters on the other, he doesn’t hold out any hope he’ll come out of this alive. But he has a promise to keep.

And Miles will burn every last world to the ground if it gets him answers.

The Man Who Crossed WorldsThat’s not all. To celebrate the release of the new book, the first Miles book will soon have an all new and updated cover and paperback version. And keep an eye out for a special price on the Kindle edition of The Man Who Crossed Worlds in about a week.

And remember, if you want me to email you as soon as the book is out so you can get your grubby little hands on it, sign up for my New Release Mailing List.

Catch you all soon!

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September Update: Or, What The Hell Have I Been Up To?

Sometimes time flies. And sometimes time has a warp drive with added jetpacks strapped to its back, and you’re so busy trying to hang onto the damn thing you don’t even realize several months have passed until you find out you’ve grown a beard and you really, really need to use the bathroom.

Which is a roundabout way of saying everything’s been pretty hectic the last few months, and my internet presence has inevitably suffered. But fear not, because despite real life’s futile attempts to make me do grown-up things like “work,” the writing has still been coming along nicely (if sporadically).

So what am I up to? Well, the edits on Don’t Be a Hero, my superhero novel, are all complete, and now we’re going through the final proofreading stage. Then we just need to finalize the formatting for the print and ebook editions, and then on to publication! I’m really excited about this book. It’s been a little while in the making, and I can’t wait to throw it out into the world. Check back in the next couple of days for a cover reveal and a sample of the first chapter for your perusal.

In other writing news, I’ve finished the draft of the sequel to The Man Who Crossed Worlds. I still have to  go through my own revisions before sending it out to the editor, so unfortunately we’re probably not going to make a 2012 release like I originally hoped. But it will come, and it will be awesome.

I also have a novelette (around 12,000 words or 45ish print pages) set in the same universe as Don’t Be a Hero currently in revisions. It’s a fun little piece about a low-rent supercriminal who’s determined to turn his life around when he gets out of prison in a few weeks. But when he overhears a fellow prisoner plotting to murder a beautiful superhero, he’ll have to abandon everything he’s worked for in order to save her.

And lastly, I’m currently about halfway through the draft of a novel that’s a little bit outside my normal genre. It’s a hardboiled YA mystery set in New Zealand about a 17-year-old guy who must traverse a web of violence, love, and illicit sex to find the person responsible for his ex-girlfriend’s murder. It’s a tough-as-nails book, very noir. I’m currently not sure exactly how I’m going to go about publishing this novel. I’ll most likely use a different pen name to keep the genres separate, but I’ll be sure to keep you all updated in case it sounds like your sort of thing.

So that’s me these days. Plenty of things to keep me out of trouble (though trouble seems to find me anyway). Like I said, check back in a couple of days for a sneak peek at Don’t Be a Hero. And if you want to find out as soon as I release any new novels, sign up for the newsletter here.

Stay awesome, guys and girls.

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What I’m Up To At The Moment

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted. I’ve also been neglecting Twitter and Facebook, for those of you who follow me there. Bad Chris!

Truth is, I’ve been trying to cut down on my internet time in order to get more writing done. I love the internet. I really do. There are so many interesting, hilarious, and occasionally educational things out there that it’s a constant battle to actually turn it off and walk away. So in order to actually use at least some of my non-university-related time for writing, I’ve had to force myself to limit my internet time across the board, and that includes things like blogs and Twitter.

Fortunately, it’s been paying off. Here’s where I’m up to at the moment:

Don’t Be a Hero: First Draft Complete!

Since I finished up The Man Who Crossed Worlds, I’ve been working on my superhero novel, Don’t Be a Hero.  Set in an alternate New Zealand in 1969 after superheroes have fallen from grace, the novel follows the adventures of ex-heroes Spook and the Carpenter as they make a living doing the sort of private detective work that normal humans are incapable of. They think they’re taking on a simple case to tracking down the kidnappers of a metahuman teenager. But they are about to be drawn into the machinations of a supercriminal gathering the remnants of the golden age of superheroes to his banner by whatever means necessary. A supercriminal intent on changing the world forever. A supercriminal with nothing to lose.

Unfortunately, the first draft of Don’t Be a Hero took much longer than I anticipated. My writing slowed almost to a halt over the Christmas period, and it wasn’t until late February that I actually managed to get the damn thing finished. The final word count came in at a little over 110k words, although I expect that will grow a little on subsequent revisions as my endings tend to run short on the first pass.

I have to admit I was feeling a little exhausted by the time I finished. This has taught me that I get a bit run down if a project goes on too long. I’m absolutely in love with the book, but I need to take a break from it before I get started on the second draft. Which brings me to what I’m doing now.

The Man Who Walked in Darkness: First Draft 50% Complete!

The second Miles Franco book picks up about six months after the events of The Man Who Crossed Worlds, and follows Miles trying to pick up the pieces of his life. But he’s only just starting to get things together when the cops show up again. But not to arrest him this time. They’re here to inform him that his friend, the jazz singer Claudia Hennel, has been killed. Haunted by the things he’s done and determined to get revenge, Miles sets out to find the killer. But in Bluegate, nothing is ever as simple as it seems. And the world is changing. All the worlds are changing.

Writing for The Man Who Walked in Darkness has been a lot smoother. I’ve given myself a word count goal per day that means I’ll get the draft done in a reasonable amount of time without burning myself out or compromising other areas of my life.  So far, I’ve managed to keep to that pretty well. My current word count *checks Scrivener* is 47,430 words of an estimated 90,000 or so total. So I’m over halfway there. I’m having a lot of fun being back in Miles’ head, and he is–of course–getting into all sorts of trouble.

The plan is to complete the draft of The Man Who Walked in Darkness sometime during April (fingers crossed), take a short break, then jump back into revisions for Don’t Be a Hero. From then on it’ll be an editing frenzy of Hero and then Darkness. Unlike some writers, I actually enjoy editing. It’s great to have the framework of the story already there, and now I get to build it into something beautiful and awesome. I’m looking forward to it.

If people are interested, sometime soon I might do a post about how I do my outlining and writing. I’ve got rows of index cards stuck to my wall next to my computer to show the scenes, acts, and major characters of Darkness, and it’s begging to have a photo taken. We’ll see what happens.

I almost forgot (actually I did forget and I had to come back and edit this post), if you want to find out as soon as either of these books are released, sign up to the mailing list on the top right hand side of the page. I’ll fire off an email to you when they’re available. Don’t worry, I’ll only email you when there’s a new release and no one else besides me will have access to your address, so I won’t be spamming you. Anyway, thanks guys.

Stay classy, everyone.

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