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Here’s a video of me reading from my noir mystery “Leave Her Hanging”

Have you ever wondered what I look and/or sound like? No? Well too bad, here’s a video. My YA noir mystery Leave Her Hanging is scheduled for release on 25th September, so I decided to make a quick video of me as Harry St. John reading a short section of the book. Don’t ask me why I thought that would be a good idea.

Also, Harry now has his own site you can check out over at It’s pretty sparse at the moment, but it includes an excerpt of the first chapter of Leave Her Hanging.

Anyway, on to the video. You may note that I look fatter and hairier in this video than I do in the picture on my About Me page. That’s totally the camera’s fault, and definitely not just that I’ve become fatter and hairier. *shifty eyes*

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