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Italian Edition of Don’t Be a Hero

Update time!

It’s all hands on deck here. I’m busy beavering away on various projects, both writing and real-life nonsense. Currently, I’m deep in the first draft of the third Miles Franco urban fantasy novel. Predictably, things aren’t going too well for Miles. But he’s not the only one having a hard time. And that’s all I’m saying on that for now.

Keep your eyes peeled over the next few weeks for the cover reveal of my upcoming giant monster/hardboiled detective mashup novel, MAYDAY. And maybe I’ll see about posting a sneak peak of the first chapter or two as well. I’m really excited about this book. I think it’s one of the best things I’ve ever written. I hope you guys think so too.

Don't Be a Hero: A Superhero NovelBut in the meantime, I’ve got some exciting news to share. I’m very pleased to announce that Italian publishing house La Ponga Edizioni will be publishing the Italian edition of my superhero novel Don’t Be a Hero!

That’s right, folks. Soon you’ll be able to read my scribblings not only in English, but also in one of the languages of love.

Even if you don’t understand Italian, there’s plenty of reasons to pick up a copy when it’s released.  For example: Tell your significant other that it’s a book of Italian love poems and read it aloud to them. They’ll think you’re the most sophisticated son of a gun on the planet.

If it gets you laid, I’m taking the credit.

I’ll be sure to post more information as it comes along.

Until next time, keep being awesome.

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