September Update: Or, What The Hell Have I Been Up To?

Sometimes time flies. And sometimes time has a warp drive with added jetpacks strapped to its back, and you’re so busy trying to hang onto the damn thing you don’t even realize several months have passed until you find out you’ve grown a beard and you really, really need to use the bathroom.

Which is a roundabout way of saying everything’s been pretty hectic the last few months, and my internet presence has inevitably suffered. But fear not, because despite real life’s futile attempts to make me do grown-up things like “work,” the writing has still been coming along nicely (if sporadically).

So what am I up to? Well, the edits on Don’t Be a Hero, my superhero novel, are all complete, and now we’re going through the final proofreading stage. Then we just need to finalize the formatting for the print and ebook editions, and then on to publication! I’m really excited about this book. It’s been a little while in the making, and I can’t wait to throw it out into the world. Check back in the next couple of days for a cover reveal and a sample of the first chapter for your perusal.

In other writing news, I’ve finished the draft of the sequel to The Man Who Crossed Worlds. I still have to  go through my own revisions before sending it out to the editor, so unfortunately we’re probably not going to make a 2012 release like I originally hoped. But it will come, and it will be awesome.

I also have a novelette (around 12,000 words or 45ish print pages) set in the same universe as Don’t Be a Hero currently in revisions. It’s a fun little piece about a low-rent supercriminal who’s determined to turn his life around when he gets out of prison in a few weeks. But when he overhears a fellow prisoner plotting to murder a beautiful superhero, he’ll have to abandon everything he’s worked for in order to save her.

And lastly, I’m currently about halfway through the draft of a novel that’s a little bit outside my normal genre. It’s a hardboiled YA mystery set in New Zealand about a 17-year-old guy who must traverse a web of violence, love, and illicit sex to find the person responsible for his ex-girlfriend’s murder. It’s a tough-as-nails book, very noir. I’m currently not sure exactly how I’m going to go about publishing this novel. I’ll most likely use a different pen name to keep the genres separate, but I’ll be sure to keep you all updated in case it sounds like your sort of thing.

So that’s me these days. Plenty of things to keep me out of trouble (though trouble seems to find me anyway). Like I said, check back in a couple of days for a sneak peek at Don’t Be a Hero. And if you want to find out as soon as I release any new novels, sign up for the newsletter here.

Stay awesome, guys and girls.

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