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My Pal Gamera

I have a soft spot for kaiju (giant monster) movies. You know, those Japanese ones with the guys stomping around model Tokyo in a rubber suit? Ever since the original Gojira (Godzilla) was released in 1954, Toho’s Godzilla series has been the most popular kaiju films both in Japan and internationally. Everyone in the world knows who Godzilla is.

Now, Godzilla’s pretty cool, but he’s not my favorite kaiju . Ever since I saw some of his films on old MST3K episodes, my heart has always belonged to one monster. The Guardian of the Universe, Friend to all Children. Yes, the giant flying turtle extraordinaire, Gamera!

So you can imagine my excitement when this box arrived for me in the mail.


Yes. Flush with the recent cheque I received for my book sales, I decided to splurge on one of the beautifully crafted Gamera figures from the Sci-Fi Revoltech line. These figures are made in Japan and are highly posable, and they’re not cheap. Basically, they’re toys for nerds. The sort of thing you snatch away from the grubby hands of small children to play with yourself.


This particular figure is from Gamera 2: Attack of the Legion, part of the Gamera reboot trilogy from the ’90s. (Some of the best kaiju movies in existence. Seriously, check them out. You can grab the whole trilogy on Blu-Ray from Amazon for ridiculously cheap.)

I’ll spare you the details of the childlike squeal of glee I uttered when I opened the box and pulled out my new Gamera toy. He was beautiful. Gloriously detailed. And he has barely left my side since I got him. Dear readers, I want to introduce you all to my pal Gamera.


Isn’t he wonderful? I realize many of you will be shaking your heads right now, wondering what I’m so excited about. But screw you, Gamera is awesome. Don’t judge me!

Ahem. Like I said, Gamera is a giant turtle. And you know what turtles have? Shells.


Look at that detail. A lot of care went into sculpting Gamera. But he doesn’t just look pretty. Gamera is a hell of a character. Check out the other antics Gamera gets up to when I’m trying to write:


Gamera using his fireball attack to defend my desk against the Legion hordes.


Gamera reading some quality literature.


Gamera reading some better literature.


Gamera sneaking up on his old rival, Mobile Suit Gundam RX-78-2.


Gamera meeting a strange new creature.


Gamera making friends with the strange new creature.


Gamera contemplating what it really means to be a giant, flying, fire-breathing turtle in a world that just doesn’t accept him.

Um, yeah. I blame all of you for these shenanigans. By buying my books, you support this nonsense.

Seriously, I have actually been writing. The next Miles Franco urban fantasy book and an unrelated noir crime novel are both with the editor at the moment. In the meantime, I’m hard at work on another superhero novel set in the Don’t Be a Hero Atomverse, tentatively titled Heroes Die First. I just passed 30,000 words the other day (Don’t Be a Hero was around 120,000 words total) so I’m making good headway. Especially now I have Gamera by my side to inspire me.

Stay classy, everyone. Say goodbye, Gamera!


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Nominations for the Sir Julius Vogel Awards Are Open!

Don't Be a Hero: A Superhero NovelNominations for the Sir Julius Vogel Awards, New Zealand’s premier science fiction and fantasy awards, are now open! Since my superhero novel Don’t Be a Hero was released in 2012, it is eligible for the Best Professional Novel category. But to stand a chance of getting this award I need your help!

If you read and enjoyed Don’t Be a Hero, I’d really appreciate it if you could take the time to send in an email nomination. The author must be a New Zealander (like me) or a New Zealand resident, but you don’t have to be — the SFFANZ accepts nominations from any living person on Earth. Every nomination helps!

All you have to do is cut and paste the information below, add in your name and email, and forward it to:

For further information, or to see other authors you can vote for, go to:

Here are the details you need to nominate Don’t Be a Hero for Best Professional Novel:

Book Title: Don’t Be a Hero

Author: Chris Strange

Type of work: Novel

Year of release: 2012

Publisher: Cheeky Minion

Author Contact:

Category: Professional – Best Novel

Genre: Science Fiction

Your name: [Insert your own name here]

Your Contact: [Insert your email address]

Send email nominations to

Thanks so much for your help everyone. You guys rock!


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