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Stalker’s Luck is coming February 6th!

StalkersLuck5Stalker’s Luck, the first book in the Solitude Saga, is coming February 6th! Here’s the blurb:


The Eleda system is dying. Cut off from the rest of humanity, the ancient machines that keep the colonies alive are breaking down, one by one.

Bounty hunter Eddie Gould intends to write the tales of the system’s last days with a pen in one hand and a gun in the other. Alongside his partner, ex-revolutionary Dominique, Eddie hunts a fugitive through the flickering neon and crippled life support systems of a doomed space station.

But a dark secret lies hidden in the space station’s twisting depths, a secret that will make Eddie question everything he thinks he knows about his past.

And in this place, truth and justice are only found at the end of a gun.

Hard, fast, and brutal, STALKER’S LUCK is a stylish retro-future tale of sin and desperation at the edge of space.


Stalker’s Luck kicks off a new series called the Solitude Saga. Set amid the last days of a doomed star system, the saga follows a pair of bounty hunters¬† as they travel across the system, pursuing fugitives for a corrupt government.

The next two full-length novels, Stalker’s Bounty and Stalker’s Exile, will be available in March and April, respectively.

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